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Dr. Oskar Heil, noted physisist and inventor of the Field Effect Transistor, began his research into loudspeaker design, not with abstract theory of how a loudspeaker should work, but with a study of the peculiarities of the human listening aparatus. The result of this intensive year-long research program led to his discovery of the principle on which the Oskar Air Velocity Transformer is based. By applying this principle to the design of a loudspeaker diaphragm, he was able to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in solving the fundamental problems of diaphragm mass, inertia and self resonance. The unique design feature of the OSKAR A.V.T. ( AMT) which distinguishes it from all other speakers is an extremely lightweight diaphragm, folded into a number of accordion-like pleats to which aluminium foil strips are bonded. The Diaphragm is mounted in an intense magnetic field and a music signal is applied to the aluminum strips. This causes the pleats to alternately expand and contract in a bellows-like manner in conformance with the music signal forcing air out of the pleats and sucking in on the other side, the air movement is 5 times bigger than the movement of the membrane, therefore also the velocity must be 5 times bigger.The total moving mass is approx. 1 gram, we have therefore an almost perfect transducer system. The A.V.T. ( AMT) multiplies (transforms) the air motion by a factor of 5.3 (with a total mass of less than 1 gram) and is, therefore, appropriately called an "AIR VELOCITY TRANSFORMER".

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