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Descripción de la marca

Passion for music, experience and know-how: here are the key factors which led to the foundation of AStri in 2004.

Today, the company successfully cooperates with a dynamic team of professionals.

AStri designs, manufactures and distributes very high quality exciting products: an amazing mix of design and acoustic performance. The company is located in Belforte del Chienti (MC) – Italy, within an old-standing artisan area, now hosting some of the most renowned Italian industries. AStri has established effective partnerships with diverse successful Italian companies: design agencies, woodworkers, speaker manufacturers, craftsman workshops and machine shops, all sharing a passion for quality, on any showing. We are proud to label each and every product from AStri as “Hand made in Italy”.
AStri was founded for anyone seeking no-compromise technical specification, while longing to stand out and own an object d’art, of unrivalled design and thrill.

Linearity, efficiency and power are just some of the key factors to catch the smallest nuances of sound reproduction. Naturalness, instrumental presence, environmental rebuilding and the full immersion into the acoustic scene are also a must. AStri performs this magic and meets these needs in full observance of the " limits to emotion..." concept

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