Información Quien somos

Corporate Information

  • Foundation date

    The Company Technology Science Art (TSA) born in 2003 and has been registered in January 2004.

  • Backgound

    The company's founders bring together expertise in areas as diverse as high technology and consulting services all within an international context.
    Hands on experience with the most advanced technologies and materials such as the ones used in NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), aeronautics, avionics and semi-conductor industry form the core of the company know how.
    Passion for good music and its faithful reproduction have led the founders to work together, for years in the design, development and manufacture of innovative acoustic solutions.
    Dedication to cutting edge technologies and a scientific approach to the development of acoustic designs are the hallmarks of TSA and have given them an extensive range of experience in custom high end system installation.
    The successfully private experiences identified the business opportunity. The actual market demand for high-tech comfort in home, audio and video computerized systems, has definitely pushed the decided to evolve from private experimentation to market presence.

  • Company Vision

    The company name Technology Science and Art has been chosen to represent the spirit behind the product or services that the company provides.
    Our products want to benefit of the extraordinary features that only the most advanced materials and solutions can apport. A comprehensive scientific approach in the design and development of the product, the know-how, the research of synergies between components and materials bring a measurable (and measured) additional value in term of performances. Technology and science are combined with a design conceived to complement and enrich any ambient in which they are introduced. In few words, masterpieces that can be resumed in three words, Technology, Science and Art.
    Technology Science and Art will develop, represent and sell a complete line of products conceived and designed to increase the life quality of the customers through the bases of our excellence concept in audio, video and home automation comfort.
    Our success will be built upon customer satisfaction and absolute business integrity. We will remain constantly in search of new product that offer value to the customer and reasonable profit to Technology Science and Art.

  • Company Mission:

    We are a Distribution Company, research center and manufacturer of top end technology in audio, video and domotic products and solutions.
    We want to be known for the superior quality of our products and for the diversity of our innovation & solution know-how.

  • Products and Services

    Technology Science Art provides both high technology products and services to offer a unique pleasure experience to the customers.
    We are especially focused on providing audio, video and domotic systems and service solutions to fulfill private and professional needs.